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Surviving Graduation!

You’ve almost made it, your child is graduating. You’ve thought ahead to their future, you’ve made sure they went to High School, they made the grade and now it’s time to march those beautiful graduates across the stage, but wait, what do you need to make sure is done? Don’t worry, we’ll take care of the details. Now you relax and enjoy.

  1. Weather Forecast – There’s nothing more important than what you and your family are going to wear and you need to tell Grandma. Our other tidbit, take a sweater, they’ll be pumping in the air conditioning at a rapid rate. Just remember, the more comfortable you are, the better everything will feel.

  2. Take Snacks – Graduations can take forever, in particular if your child is graduating from a large school. Take some granola, snack on some fruit, but be prepared to be there a while. You’ll want to get there early, so you can see that graduate’s smile as they take that next step in to their future.

  3. Family Plan – Tell the family and over prepare them for what’s going to happen. You’ll want to make sure your Graduate is feeling comfortable and excited, not stressed and giving last minute directions to Aunt Sally.

  4. Photo Plan – Take a camera, take a cell phone camera and have everyone in the family do the same. It’s better to have too many photos than not enough, trust you’ll want these memories for a lifetime.

  5. Find Your Graduate Plan – Make a plan ahead of time, it can be confusing with so many families looking for one another – have your Graduate know exactly where to expect to see you immediately after tossing that cap in the air. Let the joy begin!

  6. Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate – Make sure you’re hydrated and ready for this big milestone by sipping water all day long and taking some with you.

  7. Enjoy Yourself – It’s your moment too! Be proud, be excited and be happy for what you’ve accomplished. Your Graduate got there because you’re a great parent and you helped to keep them moving forward.

  8. Take A Moment – Take that moment to cry, to laugh, to celebrate…but take a moment to take it all in. It will only happen once, in this time with this child on this day.

You did it! Congratulations, good luck and we can’t wait to see what your Graduate will do!

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