Connecting Students to Opportunity

The Scholastic Network (TSN) is a digital broadcast network built for schools, post-secondary institutions and education service agencies to efficiently communicate important and engaging information to students, teachers, staff, and other key stakeholders. Our mission is to inform, inspire and create community in and outside of schools.

More Effective Communication with Your Students

With Scholastic Network, your messages are displayed on TV screens located throughout the school. They are better received, more flexible and cost-effective. From student achievements to events, higher education opportunities to emergency alerts, our simple web-based portal offers unlimited possibilities to inform, engage, and entertain students with content that can be personalized to your school, keeping students in touch with what is happening around them and connecting them to future opportunities.

Continuing Education: Creating Vision With Your Message

With Scholastic Network, your marketing and recruitment efforts are enhanced significantly with our ability to reach more than 200,000 prospective students in both highly desirable districts, as well as districts that can be difficult and expensive to reach. Our digital signage for schools affords you the opportunity to tell your story directly to students in real-time, informing them of all the opportunities that your institution offers that will enhance their future. With just a few clicks, your message will be delivered instantly.

Strengthening Community
Through Education

At Scholastic Network, we believe in strengthening community through education and engaging students, while helping to build the next generation of students into productive citizens. With our Community Advocacy Program, your organization can be an Advocate by sponsoring one of our Public Service Announcements that will remind students about the importance of various issues including bullying, texting and driving, nutrition, physical fitness, acts of kindness and financial literacy.

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