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Spring Break Campus Visits

Spring Break is very much the perfect time to visit Universities and Colleges, here are 5 easy tips before you set out on those campus visits! Just remember to try and have some fun while you’re at it!

  1. Choose the Dates: The best time is one that integrates a full experience of the campus. The best days traditionally are Tuesday | Wednesday and Thursday, there’s campus activity and most professors and coaches are available on those days to answer any of your questions. Make sure you call ahead to check on visit and interview policies.

  2. Map it All Out: Figure out what Universities or Trade Schools you want to incorporate and then plan to spend at least half a day getting to know the schools.

  3. Schedule Appointments: This is easy to do, begin calling to schedule times to visit. There are official campus tours, interviews with coaches, professors, admissions offices, etc. Plan to schedule these appointments two to three weeks out.

  4. Experience: If the campus is a good distance away, make sure you schedule time to get to know the city, find out what opportunities there are for your child in that city. Visit the museums, eat at the restaurants and talk to the locals. The schools might even be able to share some great deals or hot spots to visit.

  5. If you’re staying overnight: Try to find accomodations close to campus so you get a feel of the area in which your son or daughter will be staying in and check with University staff, sometimes they have programs for your child to stay on campus for a night.

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