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Recruitment Marketing: 3 Ways to Get the Best Students

Recruitment marketing is all about connecting with the right students – students who are willing, able and have real potential to join your university. But actually doing that? It’s harder than most colleges bargain for. Competition is stiff, and today’s youth are constantly on the go, with little time for marketing messages or unwanted advertising. In fact, they’ve become pros at filtering those messages out.

So what can you do to break through the clutter and catch their eye? Here are a few tips we’ve honed in on:

  1. Reach them when they’re paying attention. Today’s teens have the shortest attention span of all current generations at just 8 seconds. Throw in the mobile devices that are constantly stealing their focus, and it’s harder than ever to hold their attention. The key? Catch them while they are already thinking about their future. The Scholastic Network messages reach students when they’re in school (somewhere they’re guaranteed to be daily) and without their mobile (most campus require phones be put away during school hours.)

  2. Resonate with them. Don’t just throw marketing messages their way and hope they stick. Appeal to their values and support causes they care about. Show them that they belong at your university – that they fit in and will be a welcome part of the community.

  3. Remind them. Teens have a lot on their plate: school, work, family, extracurricular activities, college applications and more. Even though they might be interested in your campus, you can’t rely on them to remember you after just one connection. So remind them. Let them know when you’re at their school doing recruiting and give them updates on when campus tours and orientations are happening. Keep them in the loop.

The Scholastic Network can help you with all three of these strategies and put your school in front of 200,000 Texas students daily. Want help with your recruitment marketing? Contact The Scholastic Network today.

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