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Marketing Tips to Reach Gen Z

Born between 1996 and 2010, students that comprise Gen Z can be viewed as hard to reach, but with a few tips, schools can reach them right where they are. After all, communicating with Gen Z can be an easy task, if you know how to talk to them. Never before has a generation been so in tune with exactly what they want and HOW they want to go about their future. We’ve rounded up a few ways that you can talk to Gen Z and be successful at it when recruiting them to your program. Our screens help keep that narrative going, in schools across the state.

1. They move fast. Gen Z is used to knowledge on the go and haven’t ever known a world without tech and smart phones. Think succinct when conveying a message.

2. Listen to them and question them, they’ll open up and tell you exactly what they want and how they want to experience it.

3. Transparency; be open and honest, they appreciate and are in sync with telling the truth in real time.

4. Shorten your message; you’ve got 8 seconds to get your message across and if they like your message, they’ll want more, so craft your story to snag them quickly.

5. Experiential: Gen Z wants to experience, not be told, how to make decisions and they want everything to be personalized to them. Find ways to show them the experience of your program with quick videos and fast information.

6. Leave the fakery to the fakes. Gen Z has an uncanny knack for figuring out what the ‘real’ real is and how to navigate it. They don’t want any non-authentic marketing ploys thrown at them. Ever.

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