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Optimize Your Admissions Marketing Plan with The Scholastic Network

How targeted is your admissions marketing plan? Are you using broad-based, general methods like highway billboards or TV commercials? Are you blanketing entire cities with beautiful mailers? Or are you reaching potential students directly, in the right place, at the right time? That last one is the Holy Grail of college marketing—and it’s certainly not easy to come by. Today’s middle and high school students have historically low attention spans, and they’re not ones to fall for sales pitches and marketing gimmicks easily. They want value, they want substance, and in many cases, they want social activism. They care about causes, they’re globally aware, and they value individuality, uniqueness, and education more than past generations.

So how do you inch your admissions marketing plan more in that direction? The Scholastic Network can help.

Target your efforts by district or geographic area. According to, targeted ads are almost two times as effective as non-targeted ones. With The Scholastic Network, you can target your marketing efforts by district or geographic area, and you can tailor your messaging within that area to really appeal to your audience. Reach students directly.

With Scholastic Network, you get a direct line to the students you want to reach. Your messages are displayed right before their eyes when and where we know they’ll be (in school), and you’re guaranteed the reach and visibility you’re looking for. Reach up to 200,000 students, 18 times per day across the state of Texas.

Custom-fit your messaging for your audience and goals. Once you’ve drilled down deep to target your campaign, you can create custom-fit, tailored messaging that really speaks to the students you’re reaching. Create video and imagery that resonates with them and really drives them to connect with the experience that your university’s education will offer them.

Coordinate with on-site efforts You can also coordinate your Scholastic messaging with in-person outreach. Sending an admissions recruiter to campus? Have a booth at the upcoming college day? Spread the word and boost visibility of your on-site events even more.

Want your admissions marketing plan to include a direct line to the students you’re trying to reach? Then join The Scholastic Network. Call 855-614-7250 to learn more.

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