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How to keep kids engaged and doing homework now that they’ve been in school for a month!

We all know it can be difficult for kids to re-engage once school starts with homework, sports, science club and so many activities going on. Here are a few tips to making sure kids get on track!!

Make a schedule and showcase it in a shared space. Make note of practice schedules, timely information and outings so there’s a great reminder of ongoing updates. Make sure everyone in the family is utilizing by adding things that are important to them.

Help! Check in and touch base during study sessions – this is a great way to provide help and some additional focus for your kids. If they’re stuck or don’t know how to proceed, you can help them discover a path for success.

Create a dedicated study space. Find the perfect space for your child to be able to study, sans distractions like Television, Video Games and pesky sibling rivalries. The more time they can commit to getting it done in one session, the better.

Talk it through. Sometimes motivation is key. Talking about what the positive aspects of doing homework will yield can sometimes be the most important. Both short time and long term positive aspects are worthwhile.

Take a break after school. Focus on the day, the events and have a snack. Then focus will come a little bit more easily; once all of that energy has been harnessed.

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