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Celebrating Diverse Holidays

Updated: Jan 8

Celebrating Diverse Holidays are an important part of school and district curriculum. Understanding the many ways you can incorporate diverse holidays into your Visual Communications can play a huge role in helping students feel like they belong.

There are so many wonderful holidays happening in December. There’s Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and New Year’s Eve, just to name a few. More than most months, December recognizes different cultures and traditions, and gives us the perfect time to celebrate diversity. The Scholastic Network’s content library provides plenty of visual communication content and theme-based assets ready for easy editing and deployment.

December’s focus on diverse cultures and celebrations is a great time to involve your staff in creating visual communication. Ask librarians and teachers to find and share books or websites that would interest students who want to know more about different cultures. Or have your AV club or journalism class create a short newsreel about the importance of December’s different holidays or the diverse ways holidays are celebrated.

Increasing student awareness of our cultural differences increases their understanding and acceptance of those cultures and decreases uninformed bullying. This year, give the gift of deeper multicultural understanding through strong visual communications.

The Scholastic Network is simple to install and can help bring your Visual Communication to life.


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