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Atlantic Community utilizes TSN with Virtual Connect

Atlantic Community High School’s purpose is to serve the educational needs of the community and its students. Their mission is to enable all students to become positive and productive citizens and members of a global society. To achieve this, they aim to develop the student intellectually, socially, ethically, and physically. The overall climate encourages life-long learning through self-discipline, tolerance, leadership, and service to others. Located in Delray Beach Florida, it is one of the newest schools to join The Scholastic Network.

Jean Parlamento, is the MYP Coordinator at Atlantic Community High School, shared her experience with Virtual Connect and The Scholastic Network. Here are her Network insights:

  • Atlantic’s team realized almost immediately that The Scholastic Network was helping with announcements. Historically they used a PA System for announcements and noticed at the end of the day, students were talking and distracted causing them to miss important messages. They now use TSN to keep their community informed across campus, as well as with virtual learners, which is an important step in helping both on and off campus learners feel connected.

  • Community partners are an important next step for Atlantic and is looking forward to utilizing Virtual Connect to improve visibility across the web. They have already integrated Virtual Connect to their school website.

  • The Scholastic Network’s system has proven easy to use for staff. Parlamento is able to train new staff to create and share content in under an hour with the platform being intuitive and easy to use.

  • Atlantic is interested in embedding Virtual Connect on Facebook and continuing to find new ways to get Virtual Connect in front of more students.

More on VIRTUAL CONNECT. Virtual Connect will integrate The Scholastic Network with your learning management system, website, chromebook bookmarks, or any other platforms you use to ensure your learners, staff, and families are informed.

This new system will help create community and connection with all of your students by sharing the same information with all. You can help all students to feel connected to your school’s community by providing a real time experience from anywhere in the world.

For more on Atlantic Community High School and to see how they’ve integrated The Network with their website:

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