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Acceptance Season has officially begun!

Acceptance Season has officially begun. As Spring starts to unfold, we begin to see students and parents sharing college plans, military enlistments and other post graduation plans. Here are a few ways you can help students stand out with pride in their accomplishments throughout your school.
  1. Share: Share photos with admissions letters on your Scholastic Network Screen.

  2. Set up a Photo Booth: Students can snap photos of themselves with their friends or just their acceptance letters. This will also serve as a great way to make them feel special and helps to build community pride.

  3. Social Media: Share photos or videos of your students success, after all their success is part of the school's success. (With proper permissions of course!) Use hashtags #accepted and #postgradplans to start trending.

  4. National Decision Day is May 1st. Plan an all school celebration for Seniors. High school seniors across the nation are encouraged to make their final college choice in May, it’s easy to celebrate with them. You can also add a video or photos to your portal to share with the entire school. This helps provide incentive for underclassmen to begin thinking about their future as well.

  5. Send out a Congratulatory email to faculty and parents with a roundup of all the Seniors grad plans, this helps build lasting relationships with parents and the community.

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