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Just like technology changed the way we communicate forever, it also changed the way schools and districts publish campus menus and food service information. In the 1960s and 70s, menus went home with students every Friday. Once the internet found its way to schools, menus started showing up on school and district websites along with whiteboards hung outside the cafeteria lines. Today, TV screens connected to The Scholastic Network paint a much better visual picture of what’s on the menu.

Use the Menu section of your Scholastic Network to upload menus for several weeks or months and schedule the exact dates for them to display on the TV screens in the cafeteria. Or use the Creative Tool and pre-loaded Cafeteria Connect Themes to develop your campus specific visual communication for your food service team.

Cafeteria screens aren’t just for meals either. Use them during breakfast and lunch for students and staff; but transform them into parent and community visual communication powerhouses during meetings or events. Remember, the screens belong to your school or district. Leverage every moment as an opportunity to create, control, and share your story.


Work with the food service leads to add a section to your Visual Communication Strategy on menus and nutritional information.

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