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Teachers & students create & collaborate on student projects through TSN portal. Projects include Global, Local & Postsecondary options and content can be broadcast through your Campus Connect or across the entire TSN national network.


Projects created include topics such as: Community Service, Acts of Kindness, Why College & more. Accepted content is then showcased across The Scholastic Network.  Your school can include a watermark in order to highlight the campus/district. Students who have content accepted will receive a certificate to highlight their achievement and completion of project. This is a great college resume and portfolio builder for CTE programs.

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Three types of Student Engagement projects satisfy state standards through Project Based Learning and they are highlighted within the Student Engagement Portal. With The Network, you can showcase student’s work internally and outside the walls of your school.  Make your students more marketable and provide them certificates for completion of projects.  Create competition and collaboration in the type of content created by your students and seen across your network

Raising Hands


  • Funding Opportunities

  • TEKS Aligned System builds pride & inspire competition for your school and students.

  • Build student interest in college with college research & project based learning. 

  • Teach transferable Skills for job preparation & project management. 

  • Build PR & Marketing Campaigns with your students. 

Young Women with Backpacks


Projects created by our post secondary institution sponsors (Universities, Colleges, Trade Schools, etc). Accepted content can be highlighted and used by the post secondary sponsor.  This makes students more marketable and creates a connection from the post secondary institution back to the student, school and district. 

Happy Teenager


Projects created by teachers. Allow students to Creatively express themselves and share their experiences and perspectives as it pertains to school culture, positive messaging and activities that lead to personal growth

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