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Community Connect

Parents & Community

What is Community Connect?

A Partnership

Why it matters to You

Build Culture & Encouragement


School Children

Community Connect

Meeting your parents and community where they are.


Not everyone visits your classrooms or follows you on social media.

How do you connect with all your stakeholders and encourage them to get involved in your schools?

After School

What Is Community Connect?

Community Connect is a partnership between your school district and your local business partners where we turn their TVs into a private, visual communication broadcast network, showcasing the most engaging and relevant information about your district with their customers and your community.

School Kids

What's In It For You?

Build a culture of trust and encourage everyone in your community to get involved in your schools by providing timely, accurate and relevant information wherever they are.


  • Disseminate urgent, post-pandemic safety protocols and share new learning options.

  • Ensure parents understand why your district should be their school of choice.

  • Recruit needed volunteers or staff your hard-to-fill positions.

  • Encourage voters to support critical infrastructure projects, bonds and education programs.


What’s in it for your community partners?

Help your partners attract customers by demonstrating a commitment to their local schools. They can offer engaging and fun content to keep patrons entertained while they wait, eat, shop or play.


  • Offer video highlights from school sporting events and contests.

  • Share interviews with students, teachers, and staff.

  • Provide timely information parents and the community need to stay informed.

  • Use the network to display important & engaging information about their business: daily specials, sales, hours of operation and employee highlights.

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