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Why Your School District Needs A Visual Communications Strategy

Updated: Jan 6

A Visual Communications Strategy helps schools to build culture through communication in a more modern, effective, and dynamic way. So, why does a district or school need this strategy?

As more information is available in an increasing number of platforms and deliveries, standing out with key messaging is more challenging each day. When people hear information, they’ll remember only 10% three days later. However, if they see that same information, they retain 63%. But it’s not enough to just show information with digital signage; the delivery must be simple, dynamic and in schools it must include staff & student participation.

A Visual Communications Strategy Addresses Five Critical Components to help drastically improve school communication with the entire school community & key stakeholders:

  1. AUDIENCE: Create & deploy content specifically designed to the desired audience.

  2. ATTENTION: Simplify the message that you are trying to convey, in an appealing, attention-grabbing format.

  3. REPETITION: Repeat your messages consistently for a specific period of time reinforcing the importance & increasing message retention.

  4. CULTURE: From district users to school staff to teacher to students - a strong Visual Communication Strategy invites a variety of users to participate, strengthening connection to messaging, creating excitement and ultimately improving the culture on campus.

  5. EMPOWER: Even though it may be used across a variety of audiences and originates through different departments, a Visual Communications Strategy empowers staff and students & offers a consistent and effective way to deliver messaging.

While schools may provide channels of communication through posters, electronic communications, social platforms or similar, effectively deploying messages in an intentional manner to the right audience is extremely challenging. A Visual Communications Strategy invites participation from district & school key stakeholders, aligns a strategic plan for content, and delivers visually appealing, impactful communication to the right audience in a cohesive package that is both intuitive and effective.

The Scholastic Network can bring this system to your school. To learn more, contact us for more information.


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