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What is Visual Communications Strategy for Schools?

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Effectively communicating with students, staff and key stakeholders has never been more important, and perhaps never more challenging. Schools struggle to simplify messaging across campuses and make it appealing to the different audiences who need to receive the information. Many schools still rely on messaging with digital signage, posters and even bulletin boards. With multiple platforms to update and various users responsible, it can be overwhelming to know what information to put where and when.

Visual communication is the practice of using visual elements to convey a message, inspire change, or evoke emotion. Building a Visual Communication Strategy for your school or district helps simplify school communications in a modern, effective and dynamic way.

A Visual Communication Strategy for schools incorporates the goals of the district, schools and individual departments and provides best practices to create a common, on-brand look-and-feel to the district and school’s visual content. This process allows for in-house designers, teachers, and administrators to understand the guidelines for content, design and execution. This understanding reduces miscommunication between departments, teams, and all other users across a network.

Benefits of building a Visual Communications Strategy for schools & school districts:

  • Understand and addresses the visual communication needs of the different audiences – who they are, where they are, and what their expectations are

  • Train each audience type on where to look and learn as they move and grow within the school system

  • Gives students a real voice in the conversation, letting them tell their stories and become an active influence on an increasingly positive culture

  • Creates consistent branding across a school district

  • Ensures correct use of brands, colors, mascots, and assets (i.e., logos and icons)

  • Aligns relevant, dynamic content with your mission, vision, and values

  • Unlocks the ability to create or leverage a large volume of visual content for a broad array of audience types (administrators, public relations (PR), athletics, cafeteria and nutrition, health and safety, students, community members, parents, staff, teachers, etc.)

  • Minimizes extra design drafts

  • Creates a communications process that is complimentary from school to school and across the district

  • Frees educators and staff from repetitive scheduling tasks and deployment nightmares by housing content creation and delivery in one unified network system

  • Empowers users through a simple, intuitive, time-saving, and scalable visual communication system

A Visual Communications Strategy should be an integral part of your school district’s communication plan. It reinforces and supports the culture of both the district and individual schools, while addressing specific audience types and giving them a voice in the communications process. A well-crafted Visual Communications Strategy ensures all audiences continually and increasingly receive meaningful value from your school communications.

We are experts in helping district & school leaders communicate and engage the entire school community through Visual Communication. Learn more about getting started.

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