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Using Visual Communications to Express Gratitude

Updated: Jan 8

Using Visual Communications to Give Thanks and Express Gratitude This Holiday Season. Thanksgiving is certainly the time of year to express gratitude and at this point in the school year, giving and receiving appreciation is immeasurable. It costs nothing but the impact can improve the physical, social, and emotional wellbeing of students and staff alike.

Here are a few ways that you can utilize your Visual Communications to share gratitude this Thanksgiving & through the holiday season:

Grateful for You

Set-up a photo booth and allow students and staff the opportunity to write the name or names of individuals who they are grateful for and share through your Visual Communications.

Recognize Staff and Departments

Note specific staff members, departments or students who have gone above and beyond or who might need a little encouragement with their name listed.

Share What Makes Your School Spectacular

Utilize your Visual Communications to share photos of students and staff doing great things in the school and the community. Leading by example is a key to spreading gratitude.

Offer Volunteer Opportunities

Using Visual Communications, share upcoming volunteer opportunities that students and staff can be involved in to help others.

Utilize The Scholastic Network Content Library

Videos and images are stored in the content library for your use for gratitude and Thanksgiving. You can use these as your plan or to supplement any of the above ideas.

The Scholastic Network team are experts in helping district & school leaders communicate and engage the entire school community through Visual Communication. We are here to help you plan, empower, engage and make an impact with all of your school & district communications!


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