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Unplug for Vacation!

Instagram worthy vacations are a thing, but how do you stop the madness and get your kids to unplug long enough for YOU to be able to take the pictures. Here are some anti-cell phone, anti-connection, anti-wifi addicted vacation ideas. Get out there and enjoy life with your kids!

Camping: No, we’re not kidding. Go camping or glamping or wherever there’s not a lot of service. Hit the trail, hike a mountain, swim in a lake. Your kids and your family will relish (once they get over not having service) in the pure bliss of connecting with nature and with family, having real conversations.

Europe: Don’t buy the data plan, only get it for yourself and have them check those phones at night when they have wifi at the glorious hotel you’ve chosen. The phone still works as a camera, after they’ve seen it all, they can post about it on the way home.

Sequoia National Park in California: A four hour drive from San Francisco or Los Angeles, this park is world renowned for it’s huge Sequoia trees. These awe inspiring trees practically throw your phones in the trash for you. There is no service while admiring their beauty.

Cruise: There’s a reason everyone throws out a disclaimer before going on a cruise. How many times have you seen, “going on a cruise, back to social media next week”. Depending on where the ship is, you may or may not get service, it’s all dependent on the towers. Choose the route with no towers and have some fun. Also worth noting, text messages usually cost $.50 each, so snag those phones from the kids asap.

Escape Room: No time for vacation but want some family bonding time? Look no further than some escape rooms. They make you lock phones up and you can’t have them for at least an hour. It’s their rules, not yours. Go get to bonding and get out of that room.

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