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Things To Do At Home While Schools Are Closed

With Covid (Coronavirus) sending kids home for at least another week, it’s important to have activities and a plan that involves spending quality time with one another, while also strengthening their enrichment process while at home. Here are a few tips to help you all use this time wisely!

  1. Involve kids in projects around the house. Maybe now is the perfect time to start rearranging their bedrooms and playrooms. Let them have input, encourage them to streamline their stuff. Then go donate all that you don’t need for a family that needs it.

  2. Read together. Have everyone find a book they want to read and gather as a family to all read your books together in a shared space. Soaking up time together while reading is good for everyone and encourages them to use their imagination for an hour or two a day.

  3. Go for a walk. Fresh air is good for everyone and don’t forget your furry four legged family members. Exercise can help pass the time and help your family to keep from being indoors too much. Stay in your neighborhood and don’t get too close to anyone on your route.

  4. Baking Day. Host a baking day where your entire family can prepare sweet treats for the week and if you are able, now is the time to treat medical professionals to some amazing treats. They’re working over time and would love the gesture. We do have to use a bit of caution here, call the front desk and let them know you’ll be dropping them off curbside, it’s best to limit contact for now.

  5. Make chores fun. A clean house is a safe house in the current times we are living in. Turn up the music and dance your way through cleaning, this will help keep it light and fun, while getting in some movement as well. Switch it up and let everyone have different chores on different days.

  6. Movie and Popcorn. Commit to your own theatre at home and pop some popcorn, put down the electronic devices and watch a movie together. Have kids help turn the living room into a theatre with pillows and blankets and pjs.

  7. Establish Virtual Connections. The engagement of virtual museums allows users and visitors to develop their own interpretations of artworks and objects, this is a great exercise for the entire family. Explore art and exhibits without time constraint or the distraction of crowded exhibition spaces.

  8. Education Resources. There are also tons of educational resources to be had online to help craft some educational time well spent while at home. There are also on-line tutors to help ease the burden of learning from home in a whole new setting. If you need help, there are many resources available to help educate your kids and help ease the burden of teaching at home.

No matter what you’re doing, if you’re safe and together, that’s the most important thing. Try to have some fun, try to keep educating and more than anything else, take care of one another!

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