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The Scholastic Network Gives Back to Local School Districts

With the school year in full swing, The Scholastic Network is excited for the partnerships we have developed over the years across the state of Texas. The coalition of K-12 schools and campuses using The Scholastic Network system has grown exponentially over the past few years to the point that in 2018 alone, The Scholastic Network has added more than 115 campuses into the fold — bringing the total number of campuses served to more than 215.

An important factor to the Scholastic Network’s growth has been our successful implementation of our sponsorship program, which helps continuing education & higher education institutions tell their story to middle and high school students while they are at school and actively thinking about their future. Through providing the ability to display messages on digital screens throughout the day, these sponsors are able to reach students through a medium that they are more open to receiving with information they may not otherwise know about.

With the ever-changing landscape in education, we are committed to creating opportunities and conversations by bringing a variety of continuing education opportunities directly to students. Higher education and post-secondary institutions are realizing the success of using real-time messaging, and their success combined with our contribution of sponsorship dollars back to every partner district has made us proud of the impact we are having on modern education.

Speaking of sponsorship dollars and the return investment we make into partner districts, did you know that the Scholastic Network donates ten percent of all sponsorship dollars directly back to our partner districts? Recently, The Scholastic Network donated $17,000 to participating school district partners. This marks an overall total of $44,500 that has been donated back to school districts since the sponsorship program began in 2016!

With every school district that joins the Scholastic Network and every sponsorship opportunity that looks to reach students, we grow in the excitement over the increased opportunities for students and our ability to give back to districts to improve the overall education and lives of students for years to come.

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