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The Power of Visual Communication in Education

Updated: Jan 6

In today’s world, seeing is believing. When students hear information, they’ll remember about 10% of that three days later. If they see the information in a visually stimulating format, they remember around 60% and repetition of this visual information can strengthen recall beyond the 60% rate. Whether it’s Math Class, Athletics or Financial Literacy, schools are turning to Visual Communication to positively impact students in their learning process.

Students are overwhelmingly inundated with messages in various forms. Historically, districts use many ways to communicate, including long form text to convey messages and ideas. Students are pulled in so many directions and time is of the essence when it comes to directly communicating effectively with them.

When school districts use a Visual Communications platform, which combines visuals with text and dynamic graphics, they increase students' ability to absorb overall concepts and details much more quickly. This in turn, helps streamline education in a new and highly concentrated manner.

Helping students see important information can help:

  • Associate Concepts

  • Absorb key information about Social Emotional Learning

  • Be informed on important school objectives

  • Increase retention & recall of information

Learn how to leverage the benefits of Visual Communications with your school and students using our unique Visual Communications platform.


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