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Generation Z Marketing: It’s Not as Complicated as You Think

Most brands are focused on reaching millennials, but in the educational world, it’s Generation Z that holds the power. Also called the post-Millennials or Centennials, Generation Zers were born in the late-90s to early 2000s, and they’re at the age where college is edging onto their radar.

Though Gen Z shares some similarities with its predecessor, this generation is a bit more entrepreneurial, a little less focused, and more attuned to individuality and global awareness. Because of this, the same old marketing tactics likely won’t resonate as well with this new generation; for truly effective Generation Z marketing, brands need to shift their strategies to fall in line with changing demographic trends.

Stumped on how to reach Gen Z for your brand? Here’s how to do it:

1. Appeal to a cause.

Generation Zers are social activists. The Atlantic says they’re “primed to save the world,” and according to a study by Fuse Marketing, a whopping 37% has either donated to or volunteered time to a social cause in the last year. Another 36% say they’ve educated their family or friends about a cause. If brands want to reach this socially-aware generation, they need to show compassion, share Gen Z values and give back to the communities in which they operate.

2. Reach them directly.

It’s no secret that, due to the constant onslaught of technology and social media they’ve been exposed to, members of Gen Z have a shorter attention span than generations past. According to Forbes, Gen Zers have, on average, an 8-second attention span (Millennials have about a 12-second one). Because of this, it’s not as easy to get your marketing messages read—let alone seen—by today’s teens. They’re on the go, they’re multitasking, and they’re paying little attention to the traditional ads and marketing that surrounds them. The only proven methods for Generation Z marketing are ones that reach them directly—on social media, on the web or right within their school.

3. Use the Scholastic Network.

The Scholastic Network allows you to use both these key strategies to reach Generation Z consumers. Create custom videos and engaging images, or sponsor one of six causes that resonate with them—things like anti-bullying, acts of kindness, financial literacy and more. Then, put your messages right where you know they’ll be: in school.

Generation Z marketing can be difficult, but The Scholastic Network can help. By aligning your brand with a cause and connecting you directly with the students you’re targeting, Scholastic Network gives you more visibility, more brand awareness and a better ROI. Call 855-614-7250 to learn more about joining the network.

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