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Spring Visual Communications Strategy

Key Components for Your Spring Visual Communications Strategy

The spring semester can often seem to be a bit of a blur with all the activities, events, and deadlines. Keeping students, faculty and staff, and parents informed and engaged is crucial. Fortunately, Visual Communications can assist you in your planning!

As you plan your Visual Communications Strategy for the spring semester, here are a few key details to consider when building your rotation.

  • Testing Dates and Deadlines including but not limited to: ACT/SAT, ASVAB, PSAT, State mandated testing schedules, final exams

  • Graduation deadlines, including any scholarship or financial aid deadlines, and registration deadlines for the next school year

  • End of year events including awards banquets, nominations, proms, dances, or assemblies

  • Spring athletics schedules for baseball, tennis and/or track

  • Spring Break and additional school scheduled breaks

  • Visual Communications can also be used to recognize students, faculty and staff for outstanding achievements or for general recognition of a job well done

  • Additional support for Visual Communications including motivation, inspiration, humor, holidays and general information can always be found in The Scholastic Network Portal