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Setting a New Year’s Resolution and Achieving It!

As the calendar moves forward for another year, it’s an obvious time to take stock of our lives and what we’re happy with and what we might like to change about ourselves. The New Year is a great time to reset, evaluate and set a resolution or several to improve our lives. While a resolution might be a big dream or goal, planning is essential to ensure that you stick to it.

Here are few steps that can help you set an effective resolution and how to achieve it:

  1. Think big but divide your goal up into smaller steps so that it isn’t so overwhelming, and you can celebrate smaller accomplishments along the way. Hitting milestones of success is one of the best ways to make sure that you will stay on track for the big picture.

  2. Know your reason for why you want to make the change. If it is to improve your health, understanding that changing your behavior has great rewards once you succeed. Keeping the why front and center – and even jotting it down on a note card that you can carry with you or tape to a mirror – will motivate you to keep going.

  3. Share your goal with others. Knowing your why and the rewards will also keep any naysayers from distracting you in achieving your goal. Sharing with others can help them keep you on track and motivated along the way.

  4. Set a date to start. While you might be making a resolution on New Year’s Eve or Day, it doesn’t have to be the start date. Set a realistic date to start and stick to it.

  5. Don’t forget to be kind and reward yourself along the way! You must be your own cheerleader and know that you can tackle the challenges you face as you work to improve your life, with big and small changes.

  6. Be specific. It’s easy to make a general statement but setting a more specific goal and planning out each week or month of how you will accomplish it will set you up for long-term success.

  7. Don’t be afraid of failure and keep going if you get off track. One bad day or misstep or even a series of bumps shouldn’t prevent you from still working to achieve your goal.

  8. Celebrate the victories – no matter how big or small along the way. If you are enjoying the process, the odds are much better that you will stick with it and look at how much you accomplished at your next New Year’s celebration.

Visual Communication around setting and achieving goals encourages your entire school community to set goals & stick with them.



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