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Recruiting for College in 2018: Use the Scholastic Network to Tell Your Story

With a variety of options for post-secondary schooling, today’s high schoolers are aware of the financial challenges college can pose.

So what’s a modern university to do in the face of this mounting uncertainty surrounding higher education? The Scholastic Network can step in and help. With the Scholastic Network, you can:

Easily call attention to your on-campus events.

Having trouble drumming up foot traffic when you visit schools? Use our network of digital displays to reach local students where they’ll be, when they are guaranteed to be there. Remind them months, weeks, days and even hours out to ensure you get the most attendance possible. The Scholastic Network offers various plans for each university’s needs.

Raise awareness of your brand, the programs you have and the lifestyle your students enjoy.

You can also use our displays to draw attention to special programs your institution offers or things that might set you apart from other career and educational options in the area, such as study abroad programs or early acceptance programs. You can even include videos and photos to give students a taste of what life on campus is like.

Provide information on applications, deadlines and scholarships.

Finally, use the Scholastic Network to keep students on track during the application process. Remind them when apps are due, provide tips on essay writing, or share information about scholarship and financial aid programs they might be eligible for. Make applying and attending your school as easy and painless as possible.

Use the Scholastic Network to Your Advantage

Want to increase your reach for your school’s recruitment efforts? Then incorporate the Scholastic Network into your 2018 plans. With our network of 100 campuses and more than 200,000 Texas high school students on your side, recruiting for college has never been easier – or more effective.

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