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Include This in Your Marketing Strategy for Educational Institutes

Ever wanted to reach 200,000 plus students daily? Or guarantee your marketing messages were seen by the right people, not just any onlooker or passersby? Perhaps you want to ensure you’re reaching your target audience when and where you know they’ll be. If so, then you need The Scholastic Network, an innovative new tool that can enhance your existing marketing strategy for educational institutes, making it more effective, more impactful and more relevant.

Here are just a few of the network’s top features:

Get the reach you want.

Billboards and TV commercials are great, but they can’t always guarantee you’re reaching students – let alone students who are eligible for your university. The Scholastic Network gives you a direct line to today’s youth – in 96 different schools. Use it to boost your existing marketing strategies and ensure your messaging is seen by the right audience, at the right time and in the right place.

Pick and choose your markets.

Don’t need to reach every student in the whole state? Only targeting teens in a certain geographic area? The Scholastic Network lets you drill down deep. Pick and choose only the districts and campuses you want to focus on, and save ad dollars on the rest.

Up recruitment attendance.

Get the word out about area recruitment events by reaching local students in real-time. Give them event details, locations and times, and feed them the info they need to follow up after the fact. You can even include recruiter contact details or campus tour info once your event has ended. It’s a great way to bring your event full circle and keep it top-of-mind with students.

Looking to improve your marketing strategy for educational institutes? The Scholastic Network just may be the way to do it. Contact us today to learn more about joining the network.

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