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How to Make Communicating with Students Easier

Given the amount of time today’s students spend on their phone, you’d think social media was the only way to get their attention. But while social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter certainly do offer serious marketing opportunities, they’re not the only options universities and colleges have to generate reliable student leads.

In-school messaging—like what we offer at The Scholastic Network—is a great option, providing colleges a direct way to reach students in a real, tangible way that resonates with them. Here’s how it makes communicating with students infinitely easier:

It guarantees reach.

With other marketing methods, you’re going out on a limb and hoping your ads get the views, clicks and interactions you want. At The Scholastic Network, however, your messaging goes directly to the students, when and where they’re located in real-time. Our network sponsors can reach up to 200,000 students—18 times per day—across the entire Lone Star State.

Deliver targeted messages.

Choose your audience district or geographic location, and really target your campaigns—as well as the messages you send out. Opt for videos, images, or whatever content helps you achieve your goals best.

Support causes students care about.

Today’s teens are social activists—and they expect the brands they do business with to be, too. Sponsor one of The Scholastic Network’s six awareness campaigns—Don’t Text and Drive, Anti-bullying, Eating Healthy, Physical Fitness, Acts of Kindness or Financial Literacy—and show potential students that you give back to the community around you.

Want communicating with students to be easier? Let The Scholastic Network help. We’ll give you a direct link to the students your university is targeting, and we’ll help you reach them in a real and meaningful way. Call 855-614-7250 to learn more about joining our network.

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