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How to Increase Student Engagement on Your Campus

Are you seeking to increase excitement and awareness to your on-campus events and extracurricular activities? Want to see an increase in participation rates for your student organizations, grant programs, or other funding initiatives? Thousands of administrators across the country are feeling the same way. Fortunately, all hope isn’t lost. Here are a few easy ways to increase student engagement on campus and across your community: Give your events more visibility. The problem could be simple: maybe students just don’t know about all your school has to offer. Invest in a tool like Scholastic Network that can bring more awareness to your events, organizations and activities, and put the details on full display to drum up more participation. Keep event info quick and concise. Students don’t have the time or patience to sift through long emails or listen to 10-minute morning news announcements. They want their info quick, concise and easily digestible. Keep your messages short, and you can bet students are more likely to remember it later on. Make it shareable. High schoolers are all about their friends, so use that crowd mentality to your advantage. Promote your events and happenings on social media, and create content that students want to share, retweet, like and comment on. This will bring even more awareness to your offerings over time. Use more effective outreach methods. Today’s students are highly skilled at filtering out ads and marketing messages, and with their super-short attention span (just 6 seconds, on average), there’s not much time to reach them and make an impact. Focus your efforts and budget on outreach methods they can’t ignore – like digital displays in the hallways or campus SMS platforms that go straight to their phones. These are both direct, concise and digital (exactly what they’re looking for.) Are you looking to improve student engagement on your campus? Contact us today to learn how the Scholastic Network can help.

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