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How to Become an Educational Sponsor at The Scholastic Network

Reaching this generation’s students is an ever-changing endeavor that can be difficult for many schools, programs and organizations. With the growth of texting, social media and video media, students are at the forefront of technology and communication. At The Scholastic Network, we understand that many higher education institutions are trying to communicate opportunities and future planning, but do not know the most effective way to bridge this communication gap.

Through years of research and observation, we have fine-tuned our program to allow higher education and post-secondary opportunities to become educational sponsors in our program, which provides organizations to tell their story in real-time while students are in school and actively thinking about their future. Not only can the uploaded message be displayed more than 18 times a day at high schools and middle school campuses, but The Scholastic Network allows you to specifically target schools across the network for maximum district, regional or state impact. Combining targeted advertising with customizable messages using static or rotating images, videos and social media, you no longer have to guess whether your message is working but how much your messaging is improving your institution.

Instead of using the crowded spaces of direct mail, social media and outdoor advertising, The Scholastic Network allows you to reach students directly using a medium that they are more likely to engage with and that is also cost effective and helpful to your bottom line in spreading your story. So whether you are a college/university, a trade school, military, law enforcement, work program or a community advocacy program, we can help you reach students and improve your institution and student’s lives at the same time.

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