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Hosting Student Recruitment Events? You Need The Scholastic Network

In-person student recruitment events are one of the most effective forms of education marketing—that is if you can get students in the door first. Today’s teens are constantly distracted and on the go, and with a mere 8-second attention span, it can be hard grab their attention let alone entice them into an after-hours event. So what can you do to improve your chances and get more foot traffic at your event? Many colleges have had success with The Scholastic Network. An in-school messaging module that offers a direct line to students, The Scholastic Network can: 1. Draw visibility to your event. Promote the dates, times and locations of your recruitment events, and let students know what they can expect if they attend. Be sure to include graphics or images that can make your message more interesting visually.

2. Remind, remind, remind. As your event approaches, use the network to remind students that it’s nearing. Post updated time and location info, and ensure they know exactly when and how to find you.

3. Amplify your message. Plan on talking to students about your award-winning professors at your event? Tauting your newest tech program? Showing pictures of your state-of-the-art football stadium? Use the network to amplify your message even more.

4. Follow up. Encourage students who attended your event to follow up with you by sharing contact information, campus tour schedules and other ways they can get in touch. You can even include photos and videos to better acquaint them with your institution. If student recruitment events are anywhere on your radar this year, be sure to consider The Scholastic Network. Not only can it encourage more foot traffic at your events, but it can also help you follow up with potential students easily and directly. Contact us today to learn more.

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