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Honoring Veterans

Updated: Jan 8

Honoring Veterans and Teaching Students on Veterans Day. Each year on Veterans Day, November 11, we honor sacrifices and service of those in the armed forces. Some students may not be aware of veterans’ experiences or how to simply say “Thank you for your service.”

Engage students with the true meaning of this holiday and to recognize those who have served. For elementary school students, this might be as simple as recording each class saying “Thank you for your service” after a Veterans Day lesson.

In middle and high school, educators can create projects that deepen student understanding of what freedom means or the lives of veterans.

Here are a few engaging ideas for Veterans Day projects:

  • Teach students about freedom, have them reflect on this and create graphics about the freedoms for which they are most grateful.

  • Have students interview a veteran to learn about their service. Then create a video highlighting what they learned.

  • Write a heartfelt thank you letter to those who sacrificed and fought for them. Create a video reading the letter.

Veterans Day provides schools and districts the opportunity to thank their veterans turned educators. This gives students real-world examples of local Veterans and humanizes the celebration. Take any of these projects to the next level by implementing a visual communication component. Sharing student content and videos across campus drastically increases impact, improves retention and builds campus culture.

Want help with implementing your Veterans Day ideas or to learn more about creating student projects? Contact us today, we’re here to help.


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