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Enhance Your Campus Technology with This Tool

It’s no secret that today’s students are highly tech-savvy. Constantly on their phones, plugged in and on the go, they use tech at virtually every moment of every day. While many are tempted to encourage less tech use among today’s teens, the better solution may actually be to leverage it—to use it communicate with students, to educate them and to keep them safe.

Want to use campus technology to your—and your students’—advantage? Here are just a few of the ways our schools use The Scholastic Network to do just that:

To keep students up to date.

Our module is a great way to deliver news, safety alerts, weather, event reminders and other important info to students throughout the school day and after. More visible than email reminders and more effective than easy-to-ignore PA announcements, The Scholastic Network can ensure students see your updates when and where you want them.

To deliver sports and extracurricular info.

Have a big game coming up? Want to show highlights of last night’s competition? Keep students in the loop and drum up school spirit by sharing game times, scores, video highlights and other club and organization updates.

To share lunch menus.

Encourage more students to eat on campus by sharing your weekly and daily menu options. You can even add in prices, specials and other important details.

To spread awareness for important causes.

One of the most powerful features of The Scholastic Network is its ability to spread awareness about key issues affecting today’s teens. Currently, our campaigns cover texting and driving, bullying, healthy eating, physical fitness, financial literacy and acts of kindness.

To generate more revenue for the campus.

Schools that participate in The Scholastic Network get 10 percent of all revenues generated by network sponsored. That’s money that can go toward improving your facilities, hiring more staff, adding more programming or offering more extracurricular options.

The right campus technology can be very powerful for today’s schools and students. Want to improve yours? Learn more about joining The Scholastic Network now.

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