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Enhance Campus Communication: Go Digital for GenZ

As the first mobile-native generation to hit our high schools, Gen Zers have some inherent expectations as to how they’re marketed to and communicated with. As a general rule, they expect messaging to be fast and their interactions instant. They expect convenience. They expect all-digital experiences. And because they’re always in a hurry and on the go, they expect it all to be quick, concise and mostly ad-free. How do you, as an educator or administrator fall in line with these expectations and set your campus communication up for success with today’s students? Here are a few ways to do it: Use campus text messaging platforms. There are a number of SMS platforms for schools that can allow you to text announcements, news, event details and other messages to students or even specific groups of students. As most high schoolers rarely leave home without their mobile phone, this can be a great way to keep lines of communication open throughout the school day. Go social. Gen Zers don’t just use social media; they live there. They crowd-source homework questions there. They talk with fellow students and teachers there. They use it as a distraction and a research tool at the same time. Create campus accounts on all the major platforms – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – and start engaging with students on a daily basis. Use it for school-wide news, sports updates, schedules and other details, and assign someone to manage the account and field any questions and concerns that may come in. Try the Scholastic Network. The Scholastic Network can allow you to broadcast digital messages to your students throughout your halls and classrooms all day long. Utilize the displays to share morning news videos, post images of the latest homecoming parade, or let students know about on-campus recruitment events or even today’s lunch menus. Encourage online classroom components and teacher interactions. Encourage your teachers to integrate online and digital components to their course curriculum, and require them to set up a website, social media account and email address where students can interact with them online when needed. Digital tools are a must for successful campus communication nowadays. Not only do your students expect it, but it can also foster a better, more supportive learning environment on the whole. Contact us today to learn how the Scholastic Network can improve your on-campus communication.

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