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Creating a University Marketing Plan with the Scholastic Network

Most colleges struggle with reaching potential students in a direct and meaningful way. Traditional marketing strategies like highway billboards, TV commercials and mailers are just too hands-off and broad-based, and they don’t really resonate with younger generations.

While you could certainly opt for more personal, on-site recruitment methods, sadly, most university lack resources in this area—their number of recruiters, their travel budget, and even simply the opportunities are limited.

So how do you create a university marketing plan that truly connects with potential students—one that makes the most of your marketing budget? The Scholastic Network provides an interactive, real-time opportunity to reach students while they are in school.

Here’s how you can create a targeted university marketing plan with Scholastic Network:

1. Decide on your goals.

Who do you want to reach? What are their demographics, interests and location? And what’s your ultimate goal—to drive them to your website, to encourage a campus tour or simply to generate visibility and awareness?

2. Craft your message.

Create your message based on your goals. Opt for videos or images for more attention, share a social media feed, or start a text message campaign to encourage interaction.

3. Pick the schools where you want your message to be seen.

The Scholastic Network includes nearly 100 schools across Texas. Choose the districts that work best for you, target certain geographic areas, or serve your message up to as many students as possible by selecting all of our network campuses.

4. Show your message to hundreds of thousands of students daily.

Through Scholastic Network, your messages can reach more than 200,000 students a day—and be seen up to 18 times daily by each of those students. That’s a serious boost in visibility and brand awareness.

If you want a university marketing plan that gets your message in front of the right audience at the right time, consider The Scholastic Network. Call 855-614-7250 to learn more about joining our network.

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