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College Readiness Prepared!

College Readiness sounds like a complicated process, but it’s easy when you understand how to navigate the process and help your child become ready for the next step. College readiness is about your child being prepared with the skills needed to enter in college. So let’s break down what your child needs to be successful as a freshman.

Something for Everyone: Math, Literature, Arts, Science, Foreign Language, these core subjects bring together the knowledge needed to achieve a well rounded education. But, take the time to speak with your child, encourage questions and help them discover their passions – whether it be music, dance, working with their hands, a rocket scientist, oil driller, military or auto mechanic – dig into what makes them happy and encourage them to visit and look in to a variety of schools and opportunities.

Skills: Getting college ready involves demonstrating learned objectives from the core classes your student has garnered in his or her education journey so far. These can include essays, mathematical formulas or being able to demonstrate the scientific method. Other learned skills that can be beneficial are those taught outside the classroom. Time management, communications, etc. These all factor in to your child’s readiness.

Factors: A direct measure of course is ACT | SAT, these tests largely determine how institutions measure college readiness. Other factors include GPA, class rank, examples of course work and are largely dependent on the student’s choice of University or School.

Your Opinion: Well, it matters. You know your child better than anyone and you know if your child is motivated, mature and ready for the challenge that is College. Be involved and encourage your daughter or son to ask as many questions and take as many tests as possible to allow them the opportunity to get in to the school of his or her dreams.

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