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6 Ways to help prepare your freshman for their first week of college!

1. Encourage your freshman to get to know their roomate. Coordinate who will be bringing what items with them. You don’t need two ramen making hot pots after all.

2. Walk around. Find the library, student center and other key campus resources – explore the campus before the first week so your freshman feels comfortable their first week of school.

Encourage them to find their classes before the first day and they’ll be prepared for anything!

3. Boost their confidence by making sure your student hits up all of the Freshman mixers, orientations and activities. There are groups and options for everyone – from sports to science club. Encourage your freshman to try something new!

4. Decorate their space – figure out what will make them most comfortable and feel at home. You want your student feeling those creature comforts from home, while getting to start fresh with a new space that’s all their own. Well, partially…hopefully those roommates are just as chic.

5. Buy all the books for preparation and organizing – the better prepared they are – the more successful they will be.

6. Get online! Make sure to get on the campus portal, download relevant apps, set up their email and get organized. It’s a big world, but they’re prepared. Now you can go home feeling confident that they’re going to excel!

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