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5 Things for Summer Graduates

It’s summer, your High School Graduate is ready to relax, but you realize there’s still a lot to do in order to send them off in style. Here’s Five things in the form of a handy guide for your summer to do list to ensure your child is the most successful they can be and ready when Fall rolls around.

  1. Creature Comforts are important – let them take that beautiful pillow from the sofa that they always grab for Netflix family nights. They’ll love that comfort while away from all they’ve known their entire life. Besides, you need new pillows anyways.

  2. A new Computer – That computer with the millions of stickers falling off might need an upgrade, make that happen now, so your child doesn’t panic the first week of school when they realize 90% of everything is online and they’ve bogged down their computer with music and nine thousand instagram pictures.

  3. Headphones – Noise Cancelling Headphones are the best thing ever. If they don’t have them – get them. They are a lifesaver and they are going to change the game for your child if they’re saddled with a loud roommate or all kinds of crazy noises when they’re trying to study.

  4. Up to date subscriptions – Your child is probably still using your Hulu, Netflix, Apple Tv and everything else. Prepare them with their own or teach them how to use yours while they’re away. The time will have passed that you can run in to the Living room and connect them.

  5. Vacation: Go on Vacation! Make some memories, have some fun and enjoy being a family unit, this will prepare your Graduate for a full summer of fun prior to heading off to their next adventure as a college student.

Your college bound Graduate might want to sleep all summer or hang out at the pool, but there’s some things to be done, keep going and it will be a breeze when the time comes.

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