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Does your school have strong Visual Communications?

Updated: Jan 8

5 simple steps to get started. Turning your school & district communication into powerful visuals is easy once you understand the importance of communication through a visual medium. Here are a few ways to create impact in every corner of your school district and community, helping students, parents, faculty & key stakeholders stay up to date on all aspects of what’s going on in schools today.

1. Infographics: This practice is widely used because it works! Communicating concise information through a variety of infographics allows students to understand quickly the entire scope of what they need to know.

2. Fun Visuals: Visual Communication is more flexible than verbal communication. Use that to your advantage with all the tools available to you. Students remain mesmerized by visuals when they are dynamic, functional and don’t forget: FUN! The more fun, the more engagement.

3. Video: Visuals help improve the meaningful connection between information and retaining it. Creating videos with a wide range of subjects is key to maintaining a strong connection with students.

4. Alerts: Communicating effectively in an emergency situation is paramount. Use your visual communications when an emergency situation arises and give students every advantage of staying safe and well.

5. The Scholastic Network: The most important and key factor in visual communications is having the right tools to succeed. This is where our Education focused platform comes into play. With the right tools, you can take students to a whole new level with education designed with only them in mind.


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