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3 Tips to Transform Digital Signage into Visual Communications

By now, it’s not a surprise that Visual Communications are effective tools in education for today’s students. Not only does it capture the attention quicker, but it also proves to aid students in retaining the information presented.

When transforming digital signage into a Visual Communications tool, there are three strategies that can make it more powerful.

Tell a Story

Storytelling is an effective tool on its own and when combined with Visual Communications, it engages the audience and their attention. Imagine a group of middle school students in the hallway. They’re joking around with each other until the TV screen at the end starts to play a video about an upcoming celebration. Immediately, their minds’ eyes focus on visual communication.

Focus on Key Messaging

It can be easy to want to share everything in a visual format when it is such an effective tool of communication. Unfortunately, this can lead to overstimulation and too much of a good thing. Instead, focus on the most important components that you want to convey.

Educate and Entertain

Consider using your Visual Communications to share educational messages in an entertaining way. The use of videos, fun characters or tips can be impactful especially when there is downtime.

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