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Young Teacher


THE SCHOLASTIC NETWORK is a digital broadcast network designed to solve unique communication challenges in schools by providing unified campus, virtual & community communication. District and school leaders broadcast important & engaging messages to students, staff, the community and key stakeholders through one simple, digital display network. 

High School Friends

How It Works

  • Connect modem to existing TV’s – no plugins or downloads required.

  • Use our ready-made templates  or upload messages or into your portal from any device with the internet.

  • Select the TV’s you want to display your message.

  • Messages are LIVE & BROADCASTING across your campus.

Ready for School
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Our strength is Strategy and Communication 

You update your website, send emails, texts and use social media. You put out flyers, you engage students in projects. Don’t settle for digital signage. 


Elevate your communication efforts by transforming content into powerful visual communication that is sure to be noticed! Give staff, administrators and students the power to be seen & heard by showcasing this important information across your district, on campus and in your community.

Improve Key Indicators

  • School Culture  

  • Safety and Security

  • College & Career Readiness

  • Student Attendance 

  • Real World Learning

  • Social-Emotional Learning

  • Health and Nutrition

  • Character Education

  • Financial Literacy

School Hallway

Scholarships for Students

Each year, usually at the annual Texas School Public Relations Association (TSPRA) conference, we announce a select number of scholarships for students.  These awards, given to the local Communications Department, encourage our school and district partners to celebrate and support students entering into the communications, graphic design, AV, or radio/TV/film career pathways. These are their scholarships to award to recognize their students' success.

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