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The Scholastic Network is a network of hundreds of messaging screens in middle and high schools across Texas, reaching thousands of students daily.

We have already started using the service and our kids and teachers love it. It is a great way to publish student created works around our district. Thanks again!

Samuel S. Wyatt, Superintendent, Rankin School District

Why Choose Scholastic Network

Connect Your Students to Postsecondary Opportunities:

In high schools and middle schools we include messaging from postsecondary institutions that may positively impact your school’s accountability measures. Your students will have access to valuable information about a range of opportunities available to them after high school. These may include traditional four-year programs, military recruitment, associate’s degrees, industry certifications, and more.

Modernize Communication with Your Students:

Our easy-to-use technology provides your district and schools with an innovative and effective way to communicate with students. Simply repurpose existing televisions and broadcast messages across campus in real time using video or static image. You control your messages on our intuitive, web-based platform easily accessible from any computer or mobile device.

Emergency Alerts, Announcements & Live Feeds:

Emergency Alert function includes pre-loaded messages that will overtake all screens in the event of any emergency. Educators can schedule pre-recorded announcements to play at specific days/times. Our Live Streaming feature allows for live event broadcasts.

Simple Platform for Training:

Training takes less than 10 minutes. Our tiered architecture provides educators access from the district or by an unlimited number of school managers.

I am pleased to support the Scholastic Network and its expansion in our schools. They provide a valuable service to schools, students, teachers and parents by modernizing communication of important school content and providing an effective way for students to learn more about educational opportunities. The system is easy and efficient and has been readily adopted by school districts across the state.

Robert Scott, Former Texas Education Commissioner

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