Educational Sponsors

Reaching this generation of students can be difficult. We want to help! Our program provides our educational sponsors the opportunity to connect with prospective students and tell your story, in real time, while they are in school and actively thinking about their future. Your messages are displayed at least 18 times a day on digital signage located across high school and middle school campuses.

How it Works

Simply upload your messages to our web-based portal, select the schools where you would like your message broadcast, click “done” and your messages are live! Customize your message based on your goals and tell your story using video, social media, static or rotating images. Run a branding campaign across the network, regionalize messaging to announce an open house, individualize and highlight your recruiters or create a mixture of messages.

Why Choose The Scholastic Network

Tell Your Story

Storytelling is of the utmost importance for Higher Education marketing. Our simple program allows for various forms of content creation that tell your story in real time. Our direct and consistent presence reinforces your message with prospective students on a daily basis from the moment they enter high school, possibly even as early as middle school.
  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Trade Schools
  • Military Recruitment
  • Community Colleges
  • Junior Colleges
  • Civil Service
  • Law Enforcement Recruitment
  • Cosmetology & Massage
    Therapy Vocational Schools
  • Tech Schools
  • Work Programs
  • Scholarship Programs
  • Community Service Programs
  • Internships
  • Continuing Education
  • Community Advocacy Programs

Increase Your Reach

Direct mail, social media, outdoor and the digital space are crowded. With Scholastic Network there are only 40 slots available. As one of our educational sponsors, your story is one of 40 aimed directly at prospective students, and we enhance your recruiting efforts by extending your reach across the state in both highly desirable districts, as well as districts that can be difficult and expensive to reach.

Cost Effective

Through Scholastic Network you have the potential to reach over 200,000 students all day, every day for less than the cost of a stamp per student. For most institutions, a good return on investment is one to three students enrolling in your program. Further, 10% of all sponsorship dollars are directly donated to our partner districts.


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