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Education is Our Focus 

Effective communication is the key to building culture, informing students & engaging your school community. Schools have a unique user base & audience. We only work with Education. This allows us to engage with our customer, give them a voice in what problems we address and let that guide our development. 

One Size Does Not Fit All 

Traditional digital signage is one size fits all designed to serve as broad of a user base as possible. Your school district has important messages to communicate & goals to achieve. Every school in your district has a different student body, a unique story to tell & individual culture to build.  Our tiered architecture puts you in complete control of your network and each individual connection. Our team will help you determine the best plan for your district, or your school based on your individual needs.



Build campus pride & culture with dynamic

visual communication. 

  • Robust content library including 1,000’s of grade specific videos, slides, & templates

  • Easily share messages on your website & with virtual learners 

  • Bell Schedules to keep students on time

  • Simple Creative Editor to build stunning content

  • Broadcast important events through live feeds

  • College & Career messaging direct from partners

  • Engage students with our Student Project Portal

  • Professional development with our TCEA certified course

  • Emergency Alerts to keep your campus safe



Partner with local businesses to share school & district

stories with the community.

  • Build trust with your local community through powerful visual messages, video and more. 

  • Encourage your entire community to get involved in your schools by providing timely, accurate and relevant information wherever they are.

  • Help partners attract customers by demonstrating a commitment to their local schools. 

  • Build relationships with community businesses by providing a visual communication tool. 



Share important athletic news direct to your locker

rooms & athletic facilities.

  • Sports Psychology, Positive Mindset & mental performance training videos & content direct from mindfulness experts, Train the Mind ®

  • Dynamic videos & content designed to motivate & inspire student athletes & coaches.

  • Showcase student-athlete stories in minutes with athletic-centered templates

  • Athletic Directors and coaches have a unique story to tell.

  • Build school pride with highlight reels and game schedules.



Improve cafeteria flow & build health awareness with eye-catching menus, nutritional facts, videos and more.

  • Easy upload & scheduling feature

  • Create stunning menus in minutes with our huge selection of menu templates

  • Robust library full of healthy living videos, slides and templates.