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The Scholastic Network is a network of hundreds of messaging screens in middle and high schools across Texas, allowing our advertisers to reach thousands of students daily.

I love the simplicity and effectiveness of the Scholastic Network Platform. We have had the boards on campus and the platform is easy to use and have enhanced student engagement. More specifically, the platform gives us the ability to multi-purpose our boards and provide our students with additional information from the district, our campus and colleges and universities to keep students informed and focused on their next phase of life. Our boards have a professional appearance and give our campus a modern look. Scholastic Network is more than just a software platform, it is a company that stays engaged and provides immediate response to any questions or+35k concerns we have. I love the platform and appreciate the continued support that Scholastic Network provides Jersey Village High School.

Dr. Laura Underwood, Assistant Principal, Jersey Village High School

The Competitive Advantage

Tell Your Story:

Storytelling is of the utmost importance for higher education marketing. You must show prospective students why they should come to your institution. Our simple platform allows you to upload videos and a variety of messages that tell your story in real time, and our direct, consistent presence means you are top of mind and can reinforce your story from the moment the student enters high school (and sometimes as early as middle school).

Start Early and Separate Yourself From The Masses:

Direct mail, social media, outdoor and digital are crowded. With Scholastic Network, there are only 40 slots available. From the moment they walk into high school, your story is 1 of 40 directly talking to prospective students while they are actively thinking about their future.

Increase Your Reach:

Reach students in areas where you will likely never send recruiters. These students are qualified and want to know about your programs! We can enhance your recruiting efforts by extending your reach across the state in both highly desirable districts, as well as districts that can be difficult and expensive to reach.

Cost Effective:

Reach 200,000+ students for an average investment of $450 per school. For most institutions, the ROI is one student enrolling into your program.

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Tell your story using video

Upload your video to YouTube or social media. As one of our advertisers, you can customize messages based on your goals. Run a general branding campaign across the network, regionalize messaging to announce an open house, drill down to an individual school to highlight your recruiter….or create a combination of all of these.

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