What We Do

The Scholastic Network is the only network of its kind focused on connecting students to opportunity. We focus on improving how teachers and administrators communicate with students and keep them informed and engaged with important information affecting them now and in the future. We begin by repurposing (or installing new) TV’s in K-12 schools. We then add our technology, creating an effective content delivery system for in-school messages. With the network up and running, post-secondary institutions can use our technology to inform students about opportunities available to them after graduation.

For K-12 Schools

We’ve created a simple and effective content delivery program with the sole focus of benefiting students. We begin by adding our technology to existing (or new) TV’s in schools. This turns unused televisions into a private broadcast network for schools to deliver messages, videos, announcements, and safety and security alerts. We also integrate with campus or district social media. Scholastic Network is simple and web-based, allowing multiple users (principal, counselor, campus organizations) to broadcast content that engages the student body. Our partners are able to deliver necessary, relevant and fun information: showcase student achievements, feature student organizations, show highlights from sporting events, or broadcast the lunch menu. It’s so simple that training takes less 15 minutes.

Educational Sponsors

Communicating effectively with students can sometimes pose a challenge, especially in such a fast-paced and digital centric world. Through our digital signage, our educational sponsors are able to tell the story of their institution in a dynamic way, initiating constructive conversation and provoking thought at an earlier age. Our goal is to provide real-time exposure to future opportunities sooner, in order to increase students’ understanding of the possibilities available to them after high school.

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Our Leadership


Michael Broyles


Lara Fischer

Director of Development & Continuing Education Partnerships

John Thomas

Network Growth Specialist

Former Executive Director ESC18


Rolando Flores

Network Growth Specialist

Retired Administrator for Human Resource & Support Services, Rio Grande Valley


Baylor Mitchell

Customer Relationship Manager